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Below is listed some of our work.
Maryland Transit Authority
"SPFA 2011 Industry Excellence Award Winner"

The MTA had over 80,000 feet of roof that wasn’t helping them with energy costs. They had done their homework and knew that the right roof choice could yield enough savings in energy costs to make it an excellent investment. FoamCoat worked with them to provide a specialized system that will help them realize their goals...Details:
Burlington Compost Facility
"SPFA 2010 Industry Excellence Award Winner"

The average life of a compost facility is fairly short; ten years being a long time. Storing compost at a high-enough temperature to have it decompose properly (minimally 90 degrees) creates extremely humid conditions and gases. Burlington’s facility was at the end of its life cycle. Details:
Columbus Southerly Waste Water Treatment Plant
"SPFA 2010 Industry Excellence Award Winner"

FoamCoat Roofing and Coatings was contracted to install an average of four inches (4”) of polyurethane foam and urethane coating to eleven digester covers at the Columbus Southerly WWTP. The project totaled roughly 50,000 square feet. Details:
Wood County Senior Citizen's Center

The project originally was looking at simply replacing the existing built-up roof. The foam roof system was very competitive to other choices. Details:
Williamsport Hospital

The hospital’s five-story addition offers hope to the community, but its project requirements created a certain level of pain, and challenge, for the FoamCoat team. However, in the end it was a very successful operation. Details:
Skyline Plaza

For this busy shopping center the tenants liked the location and the management company, but did not enjoy the leaking roof. Details:
Pennsylvania Armory

The TPO roof on this Pennsylvania armory had surrendered. It had poor drainage, looked bad and was leaking. BASF and FoamCoat came to the rescue. Details:
Agsten Construction Parkway

When the grocery chain moved out maintenance for the building and roof had disappeared as well. The new owner hired a contractor to renovate the interior and, through them, FoamCoat to renovate the roof. Details:
Suburban Plaza

Lying at the foot of a hill, the roofs for this retail complex were visible to traffic. So appearance was valued. Details:

The customer had used FoamCoat in a number of their plants for a variety of projects so when they considered painting their almost 70,000 sq. ft. roof they called to see if FoamCoat might have anything that would be worth considering. They were excited when they got the answer. Details:

The customer did not think his European hotel approach of outstanding service and old-world charm should include a leaking roof. The existing rubber roof was not extremely old but was leaking and had significant “ponding” areas which contributed to the problem. Gravel ballast had been moved and left uncovered so “temporary fixes” could be repeated on a too-frequent basis. Details:
Mountain Lodge

The project consisted of replacing an aged and failing rubber roof with a foam roof that would stop the leaking and provide added insulation value. Details:
Dyno Nobel, Inc.

Dyno Nobel had water coming in, potentially from both leaks and condensation, in their dome in Kenova, WV. They selected FoamCoat to solve the problem with the application of urethane spray foam and coating to the outside of the 50,000 square feet of the dome. Details:
AAA Galvanizing

As one of the world’s largest galvanizing operations, AAA had experienced the corrosive effects that come with high-humidity in their plants, particularly in their “pickling” areas. FoamCoat took on the task of helping them protect their plants against further deterioration. To do this, a variety of specialized products and skills were used to protect concrete ceilings, walls, floors and structural steel. Details:
Polyurea Protects Concrete Structure

With over 150,000 square feet of concrete exposed to corrosive fumes and chemicals, the company realized its facility was in danger and took action to protect themselves from further deterioration . . Details:
Kentucky Fried Chicken

Some jobs are tougher than others. It had started life as a KFC, but a number of tenants had left the roof in very rough shape. . Details:
West Virginia Rescue Mission

Providing shelter and hope to inhabitants of Fairmont, the WV Rescue Mission found itself in need of some help. Roofs were leaking into dorm areas and offices, energy costs were increasing dramatically and a busy and challenged volunteer staff found itself overwhelmed. . Details:
College Watering Hole

It’s great to be a popular watering hole in a college town. Unfortunately for the owner, students had found the roof accessible enough to also make it a popular “after hours” location. The result was that the existing foam roof had sustained considerable damage . . Details:

Kesterson’s had a good business but a bad roof. The roof looked terrible and performed worse. FoamCoat had many challenges to overcome to get this roof dry, reliable and attractive... Details:
National Retailer

When the Director of Development was asked to check on one of their properties that had a thirty-year old roof, he expected the worst. Instead he found a foam roof that had never been maintained and that had never had a roof leak. Unfamiliar with foam he called FoamCoat to see if this roof could be renewed and was thrilled to find that, even with the extended period of neglect, FoamCoat could put his roof into “better-than-new” condition in just a few days... Details:

How do you get a leaking roof fixed without any disruption to your store’s busy operation? For this K-Mart roof FoamCoat’s SPF roof system and its experienced personnel were the answer... Details:
City of Ravenswood, Municipal Building

The roof did not drain well, had some bad leaking spots and offered minimal insulation value. They also had a variety of parapet wall caps and facades, none that matched anything, that detracted from the appearance of the roof. FoamCoat provided them a solution that made them watertight, improved the overall appearance and added significant insulation value... Details:
Stirling Technologies

Stirling knew that foam delivered based on a Phase I project with FoamCoat for an earlier problem area of their roof. Now they needed a Phase II to solve sever leaking problems in other sections of their metal roof and its connecting valleys... Details:

In some foam applications fire-rated foam is necessary. FoamCoat has the products and experience to make it happen for these challenging environments. Listed here are a couple of sample projects where this specialty foam was the key to reduced time requirements and other unique needs... Details:
NOTE: A project nearing completion is the utilization of One-Step to insulate a new five-story addition at a hospital. More details of this unique project will be forthcoming.
Veteran's Affairs Huntington, WV - Parking Deck

The Huntington VA Medical Center had fourteen years of good service from FoamCoat’s earlier coating of their deck. When changes required updating the deck FoamCoat was ready again... Details: