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Wood County Senior Citizen's Center


The project originally was looking at simply replacing the existing built-up roof. The foam roof system was very competitive to other choices. However, inspection of the roof found that besides the built-up roof section the client also had leaking issues with:
1. A rolled roofing parapet wall section over his roof façade
2. An ongoing battle with a section of his ballasted rubber roof and
3. A tar roof over his rear entrance

Because of foam’s flexibility we were able to expand the project to solve all of his leaking problems while we were there.


The key challenge to the main roof was to improve the drainage to avoid the “ponding” that existed. It was also an opportunity to protect metal coping and update damaged roof drains. Care was taken to add foam depth to the roof such that the low spots were eliminated and drainage improved, Cants were added along side walls to further minimize potential for standing water. The after pictures of the roof shown here were taken after days of rain. In fact it was still raining and the roof was draining when they were taken. (I have included a parking lot picture taken at the same time and you can see the 3” deep puddle.)


    Gravel was removed, wet spots dried and the roof cleaned prior to foam application.
  • 2.8 lb. foam was applied at minimum of 1” and varied depths to fill low spots and improve drainage.
  • Silicone coating was applied over the foam.
  • Granules were embedded into the top coat for added durability and extended coating life.

The customer had no experience with foam but now he and his maintenance team are foam believers. They are particularly thrilled that we not only solved the problems with the built-up roof but also, with very minimal added cost, eliminated the leaking with their rolled roofing, ballasted rubber and tar roof sections. Because part of the building is sublet, they are also excited that the added insulation value will generate profit for them every month. They were pleasantly surprised that the FoamCoat team not only foamed and coated their parapet wall to stop the water intrusion in the damaged rolled roofing but also recoated their metal coping in the process, improving the appearance.