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It was a typical twenty-year old metal roof, beginning to leak and condensate into their annealing operations area. Their original thought was simply to stop the leaking by coating/painting the roof, but when they realized foam could also eliminate the condensation and reduce energy costs the goals were readjusted.


The roof was leaking but generally in pretty good shape. We had to do the work with minimal disruption to their operations, which was not very difficult to accomplish. We did have some issues in that it was late in the year and we had to get it done before winter weather.


The minimal prep work required included power washing the roof prior to foam application. Foam and silicone base and top coats were applied to the roof. Due to short time windows of good weather, for selected portions of the work FoamCoat sent an extra crew to help beat expected rain and colder weather.


The client was pleased that FoamCoat put extra resources (manpower and equipment) on the roof to finish ahead of both the schedule and forecasted bad weather. The annealing area is dry with no leaks or condensation issues. In fact, there has not been a reported leak in any of the roof since its completion. Although it wasn’t a decision criterion, they like the way the roof looks; almost as much as they are looking forward to their energy savings throughout the rest of the winter and a more comfortable climate for their operations in summer months. They are glad that they called FoamCoat “just checking to see if we might have a potential solution.”