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Agsten Construction Parkway


Take two flat sections, one raised section with sloped sides where the roof had fallen in, and multiple walls and lots of unusual angles and get the old foam roof back into shape. The different sections had seen varying degrees of abuse and neglect, including damage to foam, walls, drains and more.


Each area had its own challenges and different approaches were taken to correct the deficiencies.


For the flat sections we removed the gravel. The flat raised area had been structurally redone from inside and foam was applied to slope the roof from the center out forcing water flow down the sloped sides and to the drains. Walls were redone where foam was damaged and some previously not foamed walls had foam applied. Cants were added at all wall/roof intersections. All the old foam was scarified and where necessary damaged foam was removed and replaced. Recovery board was installed where needed and new foam applied over the entire roof. Silicone coating was applied with granules embedded into the top coat.


We had worked with the General Contractor before but he was amazed at how we were able to overcome the variety of challenges offered with this roof. Where the raised area roof had been redone no new insulation was put inside because of the foam’s ability to provide the needed insulation value. The owner and GC were pleased that at completion everything had been accomplished to provide an attractive, watertight and well-insulated roof system.