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Williamsport Hospital


The project was to provide three inches of fire-rated spray polyurethane foam over the entire wall surface and all red iron throughout the five-story addition to an existing hospital.


Like any new construction integrating our efforts into the production schedule was a challenge. Work had to be at a certain point before we could begin our installation and we found ourselves continuously ahead of the other trades with a result of more trips to the site than originally anticipated. We worked in the evenings and nights to avoid disruption of other trades in the building. Work had to be done in a professional, timely manner with each night’s work requiring the area to be masked and sprayed then the area cleaned up and equipment moved out prior to the next day shift. As well as our normal equipment we utilized a mobile spray unit that could be easily transported to the appropriate floor and removed easily.


• A specialty foam was used which provide not only the insulation value desired but fire-rating within the foam system to meet the customer’s goals. (Note: FoamCoat is a leading contractor for a variety of specialized foam products. For some we are the country’s leading applicator, but for most all of these products we are among a small, select group of qualified applicators.)


The hospital was pleased with our finished product. They saw how properly applied foam would give them not only better fire protection but would provide a significantly higher “effective R-value” than other insulation choices. The general contractor was surprised how quickly our team worked and felt our ability to adjust to the delays and the considerable schedule changes was critical in helping him “catch up” at various points and ultimately accomplish the project.