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Completed Project
SofiXCCC700 Application

Multiple Crews on Location

SofiXCCC700 Application

SofiXCCC700 Application

Gray Primer Application


The company had experienced significant deterioration in the concrete in other plants because of the high-humidity environment inherent in their operations. For this operation they made the decision to protect their concrete investment from the spalling and deterioration they had experienced elsewhere. To accomplish this they asked FoamCoat to design a system to meet their goals.


Roughly 160,000 feet of concrete needed to be protected. The overall threat to the building was the heat and gases from the company's everday operations. However, the treatment needed to ensure that the floors did not become a slick surface while being able to hold up to heavy equipment traffic.


  • Floors were prepped and PaviXCCC100 applied to provide a complete water seal. (Note: The unique chemical structure of the PaviX product is such that it will continue to grow into the concrete, actually hardening the concrete further while becoming even more water-tight. It will actually be better two - three years after application than at the time of the application.)
  • Walls and ceilings were prepped, parge coated and VFI Polyurea applied.
  • Some areas of the building had vertical surfaces where they were prepped and SofiXCCC700 applied prior to polyurea application. (SofiXCCC700 will resist up to 17 lbs. of hydrostatic water pressure.)

The customer is excited that Foamcoat's efforts have changed their previous experience of deteriorating concrete structures into a facility with a future that they see as attractive, low-maintenance and offering them greatly improved longevity.