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FoamCoat Wins Again at SPFA

For the second consecutive year, FoamCoat was recognized by the Spray Foam Alliance with their awarding FoamCoat an Industry Excellence Award for the Maryland Transit Authority (MTA) project. The award was given in the “Foam Roof greater than 40,000 sq. ft.” category; one of six categories in the competition.

FoamCoat General Manager Danny Wilfong said, “What a great project. It was a bit unusual and challenging, which our guys enjoy. The production crews did a terrific job. The roof looks great and they met every production target; both in terms of quality and time-frame. At FoamCoat, we like completing project s that cause some foam companies to hesitate. Accelerated schedules, higher quality demands and/or greater product knowledge and application expertise are challenges that get us excited; because we can meet them.”

MTA anticipates that their investment in the roof will actually cross a break-even point within a few years based on their projected energy savings. Above and beyond the excellent insulation value, there are multiple other improvements over the previous roof system in such areas as waterproofing, appearance and durability.

“We worked closely with the materials supplier Volatile Free Inc., VFI, on this project,” says Joyce Wilfong, president of FoamCoat. “Having been in business for over twenty years, FoamCoat has a history with many of our suppliers. On this project it was nice to be able to work with VFI to take a team approach in meeting the needs of MTA.”

FoamCoat Awarded for Industry Excellence

FoamCoat Roofing & Coatings was recently recognized at the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance annual convention in Orlando Florida, receiving two Industry Excellence Awards. The SPF Alliance is an industry association comprised of the world’s leading manufacturers, suppliers and applicator/contractors within the spray foam industry. Each year it accepts entries from applicators/contractors in six categories and then selects two entries within each of the categories for Industry Excellence Awards.

Joyce Wilfong, President of FoamCoat, said, “Within the spray foam industry these projects and the work done represent the best of the best. To win an award at this level is an honor. To be the only contractor to win two awards within the six categories is beyond our expectations. I am particularly pleased that these projects were recognized. The project managers, Danny Wilfong and Ron Perdue, have both done outstanding work within the industry for many years. It was exciting to be a part of the industry recognizing not only our company’s commitment, but their individual performances in setting a standard of excellence.”

The first award was for Danny Wilfong’s project at the country’s second largest compost facility in Burlington, NJ. This was in the Commercial Walls category where Danny and his team applied over 300,000 square feet of foam and a special, corrosion control, non-permeable coating to all the interior metal of the facility. The job had a sixty-day completion target and FoamCoat utilized a total of four spray crews in two shifts, six-days per week to accomplish the task.

The second award was for the Columbus Southerly Waste Water Treatment Plant in Columbus, Ohio. Ron Perdue headed that effort which consisted of spraying a minimum of four inches of foam over 50,000 square feet on the tops of eleven digesters. The customer was pleased with the professionalism and expertise of FoamCoat which led to some final modifications based on FoamCoat’s suggestions. They were very impressed with the performance and the quality of the finished job.

NOTE: Both of these projects are featured in more detail on projects pages on the FoamCoat site.

FoamCoat Invests in the Future

One sidebar item that came out of FoamCoat’s attendance at the national Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) convention was its purchase of the “latest and greatest” within the industry, a new GRACO H-50 foam reactor. Ron Perdue, FoamCoat Operations Manager, says, “The H-50 is the roofing industry’s highest volume foam machine, able to output over fifty pounds a minute. It is a unit based on proven technology with which we are familiar and have demonstrated success. It will be a great addition to our fleet.”

President of FoamCoat, Joyce Wilfong, agrees, “To continue to do great work for our customers we have to meet the challenge of continually upgrading our equipment and capabilities. As well as for traditional roofing and other foam applications, we see the H-50 as potentially helpful for new areas. For instance we have trained our people and are certified by the ABAA for Air Barriers. In this application foam is used to more effectively seal new masonry buildings. It is one area where we see that achieving high volume capabilities, while controlling the quality, may be better achieved with equipment like the H-50. It is not enough to have the best personnel unless we make sure they also have the best tools and equipment.”

“The fact is that our customers are the real reason we can make a major investment like this with confidence,” says Danny Wilfong. “We are in a construction industry and that means there are often lots of people touting themselves as providers for what we do. While there is really a relatively small group of reliable, top-tier applicators in the country, there is usually someone who will show up offering a “low-cost” choice. Thank heaven for discerning customers that recognize a “low-cost” option usually means inferior equipment, a lack of expertise, low-quality products, deceptive warranties or a host of other things that in the long run can jeopardize the customer’s investment. The H-50 helps with one part of that challenge. Our customer’s can be sure we are using the most efficient and most reliable equipment to do their work.”

“I am a good sprayer, but the best sprayer can’t do a good job if his equipment is unable to perform effectively,” responds Ron Perdue. “Off-ratio foam may not even show a visible difference to an untrained eye. Once covered with coatings, even a trained eye may not be able to detect a problem. However hidden the problems, the performance can be dramatically impacted. Leaks, less than rated insulation value and other problems can all be symptoms of poorly performing equipment.”

The H-50 is already in the shop and will be installed and in use for the upcoming season.