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What is SPF?

SPF is Sprayed Polyurethane Foam, a closed cell roofing and insulation material that is rapidly gaining market share in today's construction industry.

With over forty years of proven history, foam roofs have proven to be a highly efficient, reliable, cost-effective choice. There are many unique characteristics of foam that make it an exceptional choice for a roof. It is particularly outstanding for the following situations:

  • Flat and low-slope roofs

  • Metal roofs

  • Environments where it is important that the roof replacement create minimal disruption to existing operations.

  • Roof surfaces with unique designs, roofs where there have been additions tied-in at various levels and with potentially different roofing materials (typical of many older structures), roofs with many protrusions and/or penetrations (apartment buildings for instance with independent AC units on the roof, skylights, etc.) or where equipment, pipes, etc. may make it difficult to get to the roof surface with more traditional approaches.

  • Where another roof system choice may require the added time and expense of a "tear off" of existing roofing, or where it may require unnecessary replacement of perfectly good flashings. (Sometimes this is thousands of dollars in added expense).

    Characteristics of SPF

  • SPF is a rigid, seamless, monolithic barrier that prevents air and water infiltration.

  • SPF is self-flashing, lightweight, extremely durable and easy to repair.

  • SPF, properly maintained, has an indefinite life. Many foam roofs are thirty and forty years old and still providing outstanding service.

  • SPF has outstanding insulation value. SPF offers extremely high R-value per inch as well as forming a perfect air barrier. For roofs this means keeping the heat in in the winter months and keeping it out in the summer. The net result is reduced energy costs and increased comfort.